Problem adding OSM maps to Mapsource

I seem to to unable to have more than 2 OSM maps in Garmin mapsource. There’s 2 OSM maps in there now and every time I attempt to add another, 1 of the 2 already in mapsourse is replaced. This is from the drop down list in the upper left hand corner of mapsource.
This happened with older versions of mapsource and the latest too.

Each map must have a different family ID, otherwise one will over-write the other. If you use MapSetToolkit to install maps to Mapsource it will warn you about this and won’t let you install multiple maps with the same ID.

Thank you very much, I’ll give it a try.

I have a similar problem: so how do I make sure I have different family ids? I am using the osm_routable_mapsource.exe from Lambertus’ site and the last update always overwrites the previous ones. I am left with only one map.

How can I resolve that? Anyone? Buehler?


Uli :slight_smile:

Depends on how much this is important for you. The default answer is that if you use Lambertus’ maps without doing anything extra, the new version will always overwrite the old as the family ID is unchanged. The “extra” in this case would require you to manually change the family ID of the latest update to a different number prior to installing it. I believe that gmaptool (gmt.exe) can do this though I’ve never done it myself. The relevant section of the help file reads:

Write changes into oryginal files (-w):
  gmt -w [-v][-i][-h] [-t|-n] [-l|-L|-1] [-u code] [-p priority]
         [-m map] [-e [+|-]map_id] [-f FID[,PID]]
         [-y FID[,PID[,CP]]] file.img...

    -i - information
    -v - verbose
    -h - refresh header date
    -t - transparent map
    -n - non-transparent map
    -l - lower case labels
    -L - upper case labels
    -1 - first character upper case in labels
    -u - new unlock code
    -p - map priority
    -m - mapset name
    -e - new map ID number
    -f - Family ID and Product ID
    -y - correct TYP Family ID, Product ID and CodePage 


gmaptool doesn’t change FID, this would be unfair for Garmin commercial maps :wink:
Option -f is for setting filter for other operation, basing on FID.
Option -y correct FID inside TYP subfile only.

Free maps usually don’t have FID encoded inside img tiles. They receive FID value when connecting to Mapsource, it is written in TDB file and in TYP file. One can change it comfortably with MapSetToolKit, button “Edit”.

There is second, less visible problem with ID. Garmin img tiles have its own map ID, other then FID and PID. Map ID shouldn’t repeat within all Mapsource maps. Mapsource doesn’t check it strictly when managing mapsets, but when creating output file for GPS, silently removes tiles with duplicated map ID. Gmaptool can change map ID, this is opiton -e.

Thanks guys,
I’ll check it out and report back on my success.

Uli :slight_smile:

user_6635, are you suggesting that I drop the family ID from the maps?

/me is confused…

This is a good point. If you intend to transfer two different versions of Lambertus’ map to a GPS unit, then you will have further difficulties because the Map IDs of the various tiles in version 2 will be the same as the Map IDs of the tiles in version 1. The results of this are unpredictable: on my GPS, it results in tiles randomly not being visible.

If you’re only interested in having two generations of map in Mapsource, it’s probably not a problem as user_6635 says.

Yes, you are right about that. The planet dump grows so quickly that tilenames for the same area cannot be guaranteed between two versions as are the tile positions. So make sure you use tiles from the same version if you want to think about merging two or more of my maps!

No :slight_smile:

You should set FID for a map. It is used by Mapsource, GPS, it is needed to correctly attach TYP file.

Ok, I understood the mechanism correctly then. Thanks.