Private roads, yksityistiet

Hi, is there a way to see somewhere (on a map, or a website) which private roads are officially forbidden to drive on for others? There are many roads in the countryside with illegal self made forbidden to enter signs. Only with an official municipal permission owners can put up a forbidden to drive sign. But how can I know (and put in openstreetmap) if I am allowed to drive on a road in advance? Very handy knowledge for instance if one wants to hike, look for mushrooms, etcetera.

Firstly IANAL, and secondly, responding in English because of the OP.

As you may or may not already know, Finland has extensive Freedom to Roam laws which grant (almost) universal access to walk, hike, bike and recreationally horseride on almost every road or path. Only e.g. people’s yards are exempted, and there’s a (currently still ongoing) discussion here (in Finnish) on how to tag these roads and footpaths.

Sporadic and non-commercial driving with motorized vehicles on all private roads is also allowed by default. Forbidding driving on such roads indeed requires municipal permission. However the law does not require a specific sign to be put up. Therefore self-made signs are not in my (non-lawyer) understanding, ipso facto illegal.

Furthermore, if the managers of the road receive public funding for the upkeep, public access has to be granted also. So these have to be checked case-by-case and take into consideration that the access rules regarding motorized vehicles may change in the future. Indeed, it’s a difficult situation regarding tagging.