Printmaps - large-format, OSM-based maps in printing quality

Printmaps is a web service that allows the creation of large-format, OSM-based maps in printing quality. The map can be supplemented by a variety of user elements and user data.

  • large-format maps in print quality
  • various map designs (osm-carto, osm-carto-ele20, schwarzplan+, …)
  • various output formats (png, pdf, svg)
  • up-to-date OpenStreetMap map data
  • map data available for Europa
  • user defined additive elements (frame, legend, scale bar, …)
  • user defined data elements (gpx, kml, shape, csv, …)

Printmaps can be used:

  • as web service
  • via cli client

I just have translated the website from german into english.

Request: Could an english native speaker verify the translation?


If the preferred language in your browser is not german, you will automatically get the english website. If this doesn’t work (please let me know) you can switch between the german and english website this way:


Regards Klaus

So far, the creation of large format maps in print quality was limited to the countries of Europe. This limitation was removed. From now on, maps for all countries of the world (including contour lines) could be created.

That’s reason why I want to come back to my request: Could an english native speaker verify the english website?

Klaus, the English translation looked good yesterday when I was using it. This is a fantastic service!

However, the site seems to be down at this moment.

Thank you for checking the translation.

PS: I’m not aware of any downtime.