Printing Streets List

A few months ago, I was able to print a list of all streets within a town-but have forgotten how. Yesterday I posted a question on the forum and was told to go to which I did.

But, the all the towns (administrative boundaries) I try are “greyed out” and inaccessible.

My goal is to get a list of streets or addesses within an area that can be downloaded into Excel or Word so they can be printed.

Does anyone know how to make this work?

You could do this by opening the OSM XML file in Excel.
ie something like this:
Download all of the highways for that area to an .osm file, either using XAPI or JOSM (search for highway= type:way*, then copy and paste to a new layer, then save as OSM format).
Then open that osm file in Excel.
Filter on column “/way/tag/@k” for “name”.
Then the next column along will have the list of streetnames, which you can then sort and filter for unique records etc, then print if you want.

You might use the so called ‘Query to map’ website at

Have a look at from Gary68. With this script you can make a directory of streets and places.