Printing Paper Maps

This may have been asked many times, but I couldn’t find it - sorry if so.

I want to create a tourist/shopping map for a smallish area - preferably with street index/shop index.

I have done a bit of GPS uploading/feature editing and that seems fine (so I know I can add any data needed for my map).

But I am a bit lost on the generation for printing - I want to specify a specific area, at a specific level of detail and get it as an image that I can then print at various sizes.

I can touch up the image with photoshop or whatever, but would like to get as much info as possible into/from OSM (so others can share it and it can become self maintaining).

I have used the online editor to update info, and have had a bit of a look at JOSM… what more do I need?

I notice the gazeteer was last updated in january - I guess I’ll have to do my own street index to get the latest info for new data I add?

There’s various approaches and software tools to help with getting a printout. I suppose “OSM on Paper” is the wiki page to answer this question, but eugh! that page is a bit of a mess. I guess it covers the main options, …although it’s missing something new which might just be exactly what you want:

You probably won’t be able to do this in one go, but Kosmos and osmarender will produce customisable maps if you can get them working. The gazeteer might be tricky but you might be able to pull out all of the streetnames in your data by looking at the xml files directly.

Other people have had some success with Cloudmade too.

IMHO, getting printed maps is a big weakness in OSM at the moment.