Printing out very high resolution imagery from OSM

Hello forum,

I was wondering last night. Would it be possible to create some kind of very high resolution image file from OSM data somehow and then print it out on A3 or A2 paper or something like that?

Ideally something that covers a large-ish area without losing the detail, so that I end up with a very very intricate image.

I guess my local print shop could do the printing bit if I could supply a suitably high res image file, but I don’t know how I’d go about doing that.

Can anyone advise please?


Not something I’ve done myself, but I do know that there are a bunch of potential answers to that on the help site:

Whilst you could obviously just create lots of PNGs, or download them from a tile server, and then GIMP or photoshop them together, if you want to produce an A0 map at a print shop, you really want to get the map rendered as PDF, to ensure you get the full resolution of their printer. I’m not sure if you can force the PDF export, on the main page, to use a small scale and large area, at the same time.

There are also online tools that will render a street Atlas book as PDF. I’m not sure if that can be configured to generate a single sheet map.

Obviously, if you install the rendering tools yourself, you can create in any size within the capacity of the rendering machine.