Primary -> Trunk

Someone has changed a large number of highway=primary to trunk. Was there any discussion? I know some of the roads personally and I don’t think these are trunk (i.e. physically divided roads for each direction)
See here for an example

I’ve mentioned it here
I can see that some of the roads have been reversed.

yes, I changed some back. Maybe I continue during the next days. According to the wiki “trunk” is a dual carriageway. Looks like this

He changed the “real trunk” from BG to PA from trunk to primary. On the other hand he changed the former highway=secondary R126 (now broj 18) to trunk. I have been there a couple of times. You see there a car only every 5 minutes…Small road-> see image below. Have changed it to primary and will fix it when I understand the new schema and if it allows highway=secondary for a “IB” road, I will correct it.

“On the ground” data is hard to find. Only reversing the changes without recheck should be avoided because some of the old tags were also incorrect.
Novi Sad - Sabac should also be primary…
I’m not sure how to tag new highway “connection” roads near Novi Sad which are parallel to the motorway and have lower speed limit?

Well, you can see a trunk on aerial images. Many of the roads (but not all) that I have changed back I know personally :slight_smile: That’s why I only changed back in Vojvodina + the BG->PA road.

Will do it.