Presenting RSS feed filter to filter out large changesets

Hello everyone! I’ve been a mapper for some years, and now I’ve decided to do some coding. I’ve been using history tab in OSM website, but it is usually filled with bot-generated changes that cover the whole world. I did not find any solutions to overcome this in osm RSS feeds, so I’ve decided to make a filter that will filter out these large changesets in RSS feed.
Now I present you guys this filter:
Usage is as follows:
Instead of subscribing your aggregator to something like
(this is a link to RSS feed copied from osm history page), wrap the above feed into something like:
(syntax is<url_of_osm_rss_feed>)

This request will result in the same entries with the same content as the source osm feed, but it will filter out changesets with bounding box larger than 20 deg latitude or 40 deg longitude. So far it is working good for me, so I hope someone will find it useful too.

Any comments, suggestions and reports are highly appreciated.

Update: A minor GUI and usage instrucions are here:

Looks interesting. :slight_smile:

I made a filtered feed for one of my regions of interest and will test it for the next days. The drawback of your approach. of course, is that you will also filter out big changesets that do change something in your region of interest.

By the way, I think you should advertise this more, otherwise hardly anybody will notice. At least send a mail to one of the mailing lists.

Hello! I’m kinda new to osm developing, so I gladly accept your tip about mailing lists - I did not know where to advertise anything) Could you also tell what list should post to? Should it be ‘dev’ or ‘announcement’ or ‘design’ or something else?

As for false-positive filtering big changesets, the 100% accurate filering can only be done through loading actual changesets data which I think will result in lots of requests to api servers, a thing I do not want to do at the moment. Though I have some little idea to reduce false-positives, will implement it soon.

Depends on whom you want to reach. If you want feedback specifically from other developers, or encourage them to build on your contributions, use ‘dev’. If you instead want to reach a general audience of (experienced) mappers, i.e. potential users of your service, use ‘talk’. (The talk list is also read by several developers and other groups, so when in doubt just use that one.)

‘design’ is quite dead at the moment, and ‘announcement’ is mostly for project-wide events.

Thanks for the info! I’ll go post a message in a ‘talk’ list.

Hi Pavel,

thanks for this great little tool. I like it.
However, the filtering is still too conservative for my needs as still more than 9 out of 10 changesets cover half of Europe. Thus, could you consider a smaller threshold for filtering changesets out? Or even better, adding (two) more parameters to your feed, enabling the user to specify the threshold?

Hello again)
Just to keep updates consistent, I’ll repost here.
I’ve just added an option to specify filter threshold manually. Now on the main page there are 2 controls to set latitude and longitude limits in degrees. Generated feeds will contain changesets that are smaller than the specified size.
Feeds that you have already created will continue to work as they did (but will use default 20 deg/40 deg values).

Thanks for you report Peda!

I’m happy with the filtered feed so far, especially with the new option to limit bbox size even more. I’ve also added your tool to the “Feeds” wiki page. I hope you don’t mind.

Btw, you have a typo on your site: “Input URL of history page from

Thanks for the typo report Tordanik. Fixing it now.
And I’m happy with you posting a link in the wiki. Thank you.