Presenting openMarkers project: Rate OSM places by price

Hi! I’d like to introduce project, an open source web application focused on travelers, to rate the OSM places by price.
The target is discover the best places for eating, sleeping, shopping… according to your budget.

How does it work?
If a place is rated as cheap it will have a green color, if it is rated as average price it will have a blue color and if it is rated as expensive it will have a yellow color. Places with gray color mean that nobody has still rated it.
You can rate places as cheap, average or expensive price and you can also add a comment.
Vote only your favorite places, and the most places voted will appear with a star, that is the best for your budget.

You can use openMarkers as record for all your places and use in your computer or in your mobile.

Any comments and critique are welcome :slight_smile:
Thanks and best regards!


nice project.

I have two questions:

How old are the POI-information - or is it directly taken from openstreetmap as acess-time?
Because before some days I tagged a guest_house but its not visible in the map.

Second question, is there a way to get a database dump?
Because you wrote the data are licenses under CC BY-SA and I assume most people from the community will just use it heavily if there is a guarantee that the data are accessible free.

Have a nice evening

Two more things:

  • would be great to be able to login without using anything like google, facebook or openID
  • would be nice if it would be possible to select also the main category, such as “Unterkunft” → so that you could get a overview about all of them, not just about hostels, or hotels or motels - might be interesting for people which don’t care about the kind of “Unterkunft”

Hi Mailerdeamon!

  1. POIs > The POI information is taken from OSM. You can check the last update on OSM from here: (Review the ‘data’ field).
  2. Database Dump > No yet, but it’ll be in a short time:
  3. Login > How? No login? :slight_smile:
  4. Yes, but I’m using the OSM Nominatin service, The search can be done by strings, but I think you can just search one category. More categories will be a lot of request to the OSM server. Do you know if you can search multiple categories with just one request?
    Best regards and thanks very much for your feedback :slight_smile: