Preparation for phase 5 of relicensing [copy from talk-ch¨list]

The license working group essentially gave it’s OK to start replacing data from mappers that have not agreed to the contributor terms in their meeting yesterday.

It seems a bit early to me, considering there are still roughly 80 mappers per day agreeing to the CTs, but in any case we slowly need to come to a community consensus on how we will want to handle this phase.

However before we do that, it seems reasonable to me to make a last effort to get in contact with mappers (Switzerland) that haven’t responded yet. I’ve compiled a list of the mappers missing from the top 1076 mappers in Switzerland (this corresponds to 99% of the data) so that we can do this in a systematic fashion

The list has a total of 224 names, but I’ve removed some special cases, so probably around 220 that should be checked. Please have a look through the list and check if you know any of theses personally or at least could get in contact with them. There are some obvious cases (mapping party in Vevey and similar) that should be easily fixable.

The list is located on our ODBL status page: