Premature Canada osm File End


I am trying to convert the Canada osm to shp, but it fails with a message that the file is incomplete:

Indeed, when I open it up in an XML editor it reports on the file being incomplete, and I see simply cut off.

I tried to download it twice and of different extension. The problem persists.

Is that possible it is a bug so somebody needs to regenerate the file?

Does your converting process work with smaller or other OSM data extracts?

What software do you use exactly to convert OSM to SHP? In case of QGIS:what version exactly?

Do you know with maybe other tools?

The Canada .pbf is 2Gb, so a Canadian.osm will be really huge (25Gb or so at a rough guess?). Are you sure that you’re not just running out of disk space? Will whatever you’re using handle .pbf files?

If you want to see if the .osm that you’ve got use “tail” on it - I don’t have one here to try but I’d expect that you’d see the closing XML “” if it’s complete. If you don’t have “tail” available in your operating system (e.g. Windows) perhaps have a look at using the one from .