Pregunta sobre etiquetado de arrozales

Hola, estoy revisando mapas de Vietnam para cargarlos en el GPS.
Aparte de corregir muchos errores, he añadido unos cuantos arrozales y necesito ayuda.

Según la wiki de OSM se deben etiquetar así:
irrigated=yes (o no)

Si hago esto no salen en el mapa si lo veo en la web.
Sí que los veo si cambio el uso del suelo a farmland

En la wiki también está esta opción en segundo lugar; es bastante confuso:
irrigated=yes (o no)

Alguna sugerencia? Cuál es la forma correcta (que se vea)?
Esto se refiere solo al mapa en la web, porque en el estilo que uso pongo los polígonos a mi manera. Mapas para Garmin con Mkgmap.


I think you need to understand OSM and the OSM Wiki first.

  1. there are a lot of tags in OSM that are not used much or are not used for a long time, so they are not represented properly on the map (see taginfo for the number of tags, etc.).
  2. there are some tags in the OSM wiki that are similar but different depending on the perspective.
  3. The tag you mentioned is also related to the characteristics of rice cultivation.
    Rice is usually grown in rice paddies (translated, it means ‘water paddy’), but depending on the environment, it can also be grown in non-paddy fields.
    So an area that is not a rice paddy and is growing rice could use the ‘crop=rice’ tag by itself.(the OSM wiki also has an example)
    There are even some rice fields that don’t rely on irrigation due to their natural environment, and you can use the ‘irrigated=no’ tag for those.

I’m not sure, but my understanding is that ‘landuse=farmland + farmland=paddy’ was a tag that was in some use before the ‘landuse=paddy’ tag was created.
In some parts of the world, rice farming and paddy fields are a very important cultural element that cannot be ignored.
‘farmland’ can be an orchard or a vineyard, depending on what is being grown, and in some cases it can be a pasture or a plant nursery.
By comparison, a paddy can become a farmland straight away, but a farmland does not become a paddy straight away.
So, at least in the case of a water paddy, I think it makes sense to use the ‘landuse=paddy’ tag rather than the ‘farmland=paddy’ tag.

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