Pöyrysjärvi lake was stolen

Hi Finish neighbors, i think someone stole one of your lakes “Pöyrysjärvi”


I know you have many, and probably have not missed it, but might be someone of
you know how to fix this issue? Looks like all longitude points somehow got replaced
by negative number and lake jumped from Finland to middle of Atlantic ocean.
Is there easy way to put it back without redrawing everything?

Thanks vincnetas for your observation and greetings from the land of nine hundred and ninety nine lakes! :wink:

Perhaps that lake should be placed here? There seems to be a lake missing there with the corresponding name - at least compared with national land survey maps. Couldn’t find any others under that name in the NLS name search. / Markku

The lake has returned to Finland and the lake is very happy now. :slight_smile: The lake had also turned into a mirror image. :open_mouth: And indeed an insane number of nodes have been used for it, but I did not clean them. JOSM was easy and fast way… :sunglasses:

Great, thank you. And also one more tool to my toolbox. Josm.