Pöyrysjärvi lake teleoprted to middle of ocean

Originally i posted this ti Finish OSM group but as i got no answer, now sharing it with everyone. Might be
anyone knows easy way how to solve this:

Hi Finish neighbors, i think someone stole one of your lakes “Pöyrysjärvi”
I know you have many, and probably have not missed it, but might be someone of
you know how to fix this issue? Looks like all longitude points somehow got replaced
by negative number and lake jumped from Finland to middle of Atlantic ocean.
Is there easy way to put it back without redrawing everything?

It’s incredible what you find in the Atlantic if you look for it!

One of these days I’ve been meaning to write an OSM diary entry about it, both the “misplaced stuff” (as here) and also the legitimate stuff like buoys, nuclear explosion sites, wrecks, etc.

Since everything on this object is at version 1 I’d rather say it’s a badly imported object.

Seemingly[1] it should be at this positon. If you look at aerial imagery it does look not much like the object in question. So I’d suggest redrawing is needed anyway. With a proper source of course.

[1] http://www.jarviwiki.fi/wiki/P%C3%B6yrysj%C3%A4rvi_(

I think it’s just because it’s mirrored. If you flip it horizontally, it matches that other site.

Still, rather than try to flip the longitude of all the nodes, you’re right that it’s probably easier to just map it again in the correct position.