Power pole: different types

Hi there, please can you help me to tag correctly these two types of power poles?

  1. power pole with a transformer (mounted high) and NO cables:

  1. power pole with cables ONLY in one direction (at the left in this case):

thanks very much!


The #2 is called “riser” in (American) English. Google “riser pole”. The appropriate tag is location:transition=yes.

I don’t have an idea what the designers wanted with #1; it simply looks unfinished (or abandoned) to me. One does not go to trouble to rise a pole and mount a transformer to it just to connect it with underground cables afterwards.

Hi @Duja thanks for your answer: ok for the #2
For #1 in 13 years as a mapper I have found it very few times but I am absolutely certain that they are not abandoned…

JOSM generates a power=pole + transformer=distribution + location:transition=yes + material=* for the one that has line ending and transformer at top, the first looks WIP, something one sees here too. Whether it’s unfinished, as part of a future expansion plan or abandoned would be for the operator to know. I just map them when showing up in imagery, draw the lines, count the cables, material type while surveying and most all ends up in the Osmose report as unfinished line or lone pole/tower.

ok thanks @SekeRob
on the wiki the #1 it’s tagged: