Potlatch2: Show note-info in relations-list

Potlatch2 is really a smart tool for editing OSM, especially for managing multipolygon-relations.

When you draw a grid of ways around different landuse-areas and assign the landuse-tags by multipolygons, the “select all members” function helps a lot to check, if a multipolygon ring is closed or maybe even has an erroneous split.

The way http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/252236982 carries two mp-s: one landuse=residential, one landuse=farmland.

The table shows:

Relation ID Role
multipolygon 1955526 outer
multipolygon 2329226 outer

When you copy these two mp-s to a new way (like http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/252236984)) and want to keep only the “farmland”-mp here, it’s not easy to see which one is the right to delete. In this example both even end with “26” so it would be nice to get an info in the list like this:

Relation ID Role
multipolygon farmland 1955526 outer
multipolygon residential 2329226 outer

So I used to enter ref-tags for the multipolygons, e.g.

Relation ID Role
multipolygon Felder 1955526 outer
multipolygon Eurishofen 2329226 outer

This helps a lot if you want to pick the right mp at first look. But unfortunately I got battled by an OSM-user who deleted all “inappropriate” use of the ref tag. Maybe he’s even right with this, although I think my use of the ref-tag was quite something like a reference.

So here’s my proposal:

Please display the text of a note-tag (or comment-tag) in the multipolygons list just like this happens with the name-tag or ref-tag.

Thank you very much.

You know that P2 is “no longer in active development”? Anyway: trac.osm.org (Login with OSM-Account) would be the right place to report that.