Potlatch2: how to select existing way

I’m feeling utterly stupid while typing this question but but …

did potlatch previously work so that when you clicked an existing road, it was selected and you could edit tags related to that etc. ?

How come it now works so that when I move my mouse pointer on top of existing road, the pointer changes from arrow to hand and I press the left mouse button, potlatch2 starts drawing a new road.

What I might be possibly doing wrong? My humble intention was to name some existing roads, not try to draw new ones…

This behaviour is like described above right now, I’m using firefox/iceweasel 10.0.2 and flash 10.3 d162 (wasn’t potlatch made with flash?) on debian testing x64.

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No idea. Potlatch hasn’t changed. Sounds like a problem with your setup somewhere.

Hi costello,

If you cannot find the error, maybe try the new editor http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/ID ??

Might be - here at work I tried out with windows box having IE and flash 11.6 r602 and it works as expected so somehow potlatch in linux/firefox is broken.