Potlatch: "Retrieved from v1"

I was doing some minor editing with Potlatch when, almost instantly, a bunch of red traces show up. Some of this overlaid existing map data, but some was brand new. Clicking on the new data revealed tags with the annotation “retrieved from v1”. It would have been great to include that data in the map, but as suddenly as it appeared it disappeared.

What was it and where did it come from and how do I get it back so I can incorporate it into the map?

It sounds like you were looking at deleted ways.

You can access it by press ‘u’ on your keyboard. Click the padlock symbol to undelete it, if you are sure the data is good. Bear in mind that most stuff that has been deleted has been deleted for a good reason.

Thank you. Oddly, most of the deleted data was quite good. I don’t have the confidence to undelete, though. Ironically, I have re-added much of the deleted data based on my own GPS tracks.