Potlatch once could do a cut-and-paste, but now?

Potlatch once could do this:

Tags/attributes memory

Ctrl+Alt+1 – Ctrl+Alt+9 add preset tags to memory 1-9

Example: set bridge=yes and layer=1 on a way and press Ctrl+Alt+1 to save it to memory 1 (via cookie)

⇧ Shift+1 – ⇧ Shift+9 use preset tags previously saved to memory 1-9

Example: ⇧ Shift+1 to set tags from memory 1 on a selected way or node

Seems to be gone or changed in Potlatch 3.

Basic need is to be able to copy all tags from an item and paste them onto another one. Typically select all from a node and copy them to a way. Afterwards empty or delete the node.

The online help says use Shift-F<#> to save tags & F<#> to retrieve them. Works for me (have just tested it)

Wauw, must have been blind. Thx. THe difficult part was to get those keys into F-mode, but now necessity made me learn that as well…