Potlatch is broken

I saw, Potlatch 0.6 is now online.
But it is not corrent working, when the Yahoo maps are displayed in the background. The map is not correctly scaled and when I move around, the satmap does not match to the roadmap.
See screenshot.
Browser Firefox 2.x, Linux


According to the mailing list this is fixed in code, it just needs to be deployed on the server. So this shouldn’t take too long.

Something happend in the meantime?
Currently the problem still exists.


It should be fixed by now, if you still have an offset: You can try aligning the images with known well positioned ways by holding while dragging the images around.

Fine, now it works.

But two Questins:

  • After realigning the images, is there a way to reset the aligment (or show the current offset) ?
  • After pressing g (or shift-g) for track-display they cannot be hidden (by pressing g again). Is there a way to hide the tracks afer displaying them ?


AFAIK, no.

Also, AFAIK, no. I assume you’ve found this page in the wiki?