Potlatch 2 virtually unusable

Potlatch 2 is becoming a major problem—I made my first edits yesterday successfully, but after an hour or so, and continuing today, Potlatch is virtually unusable due to the bandwidth limit. I’m getting errors after making only 2-3 changes in an area of approximately 30 NYC blocks. Being the type of person who makes corrections over a large area rather than mapping from scratch a small area, this will be very challenging. Merkaartor can’t download the data either, and Potlatch 1, while functional, seems to be very hard to use. (how to delete a way?)

Please help!

Select a way, hold shift, press Delete or Backspace. Found from the first hit of a net search “potlatch delete way” which leads to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Potlatch_1/Primer


When you ask for help: There are pssibly no ways to enhance the performance of Potlatch2 in an easy way.

You didn’t say something about your tries with JOSM … can that editor solve your problems?

stephan75: the API limit applies to all clients, whether P2, JOSM, Merkaartor or whatever.

Train2104: zoom in lots before editing. If you need to pan from one area to another, do it on the View tab (shows tiles) rather than the Edit tab (shows API data) by preference.

If you’re still having problems, you could ask on the IRC channel (http://irc.openstreetmap.org/) in case any of the sysadmins are around. Be prepared to give them your IP address.

That would mean creating lots of sessions/saves (is that frowned upon?), but also make it harder since I can’t look at the satellite imagery to find errors.

Lots of sessions is encouraged. Save early, save often. With the satellite imagery, fair enough; you might find a service like Geofabrik’s Map Compare useful.

I think it might be very useful if P2 had some form of “delayed load” feature. If one could disable loading data temporarily, one could pan based on background tiles alone. This way one would not loose the changeset while not overloading the api.

I have had similar issues, when trying to go on an OSM-I or keepright bug hunting session in an area. One quickly hits the API limit and keep switching between view and edit taps is a little tedious.

When working on long-distance walking routes, and zoomed in (for detailing of paths and tracks) it would be very helpful to have delayed data loading, imho.

Don’t forget you can use the Search button (the magnifying glass) to quickly jump from one place to another.

If you right click in the Map while editing and click the “Settings” option, a small panel will open. One of the sub-panels is for setting the local storage allowed. I found recently that my default setting was 100 Kb and I’ve increased this to 10 Mb. I’m not sure if it has impacted performance, but you might try this in your case as it sounds like a memory-related problem you’re having.

That won’t make any difference as far as I know. “Local storage” means data that persists from one session to another (like cookies), not the amount of memory used while Potlatch is actually running.