Potlatch 2 : Is there any thing to do to view traces ?

After the traces has been successfully loaded (received mail from openstreetmap successfully load) , i can seen seen then in the list.

But when i am logged (in edit mode) i don’t see my traces .

Is there any keyboard command to view the traces (or in the menu) ?

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When in edit mode there are three buttons at the top left of the edit screen: the third “GPS Data” if just clicked will show all traces in the screen window. The drop down will allow you to select from your own traces.

You can also get there from the GPS Traces tab by clicking on the edit option against the trace. I find this less useful than selecting the traces when I need them.


 thanks for the response :

In the top left of the screen, i have 3 buttons :
    - Background
    - Map Style
    - [object Object]

And when you drop down the third, the second choice is the good button : (display is object Object)

And after you must change the map style to Wireframe to see your traces