Potlach export to PDF

I no longer see the option to export to PDF in Potlach. What happened? How can I export to a PDF or JPG?

You could capture the screen (Print Screen button, maybe with Alt) and paste it into a word processor or Paint.Net.

I never noticed Potlatch’s export function. What did it do differently from OSM’s export tab?

PDF export is still where it’s always been. It may perhaps be that you caught it at a time when the service isn’t available, e.g. when the database is being refreshed.

NE2: a lot of newbies tend to call the entire View/Edit interface Potlatch. I think he’s talking about the same thing.

Yes, I’m referring to the Export function in OSM. It’s been at least several days that the Export to PDF and JPG have been missing. How long would one expect to wait before ‘maintenance’ is complete ordinarily? Are others experiencing the same thing?


Works for me right now.

Available export options depend on what you are exporting - for example, Mapnik renderings can be exported as PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF and Postscript, whereas Osmarender tiles are limited to PNG and JPEG. Make sure you have selected the correct base format.

My base layer is set to Mapnik, but the Export tab only shows me the following ‘Format to Export’ options:

OpenStreetMap XML Data
Mapnik Image
Osmarender Image
Embeddable HTML

I can email a printscreen if someone wants a closer look. Thanks!

Still puzzled,

Select the Mapnik Image radio button and you should see more selections underneath,
File format:

I think that I figured it out. It appears that the problem is related to Windows Explorer 6. (too old?). I tried it in Firefox and it looks and works as I expected.

Thanks to all who responded!