Potential dataset from the Malaysian Open Government Portal

Found this dataset on the “The Govenment of Malaysia’s Open Data Official Portal” - in English, it’s the location of points of interests in Putrajaya. Can be downloaded or viewed from here.

Then, there’s this as well: Terma Penggunaan Data Terbuka Kerajaan 1.0 (PDF) which states the terms of use for open govermental data. Okay, I have translated this bit (apologise for weird, improper English):

  1. You are free to
    (a) copy, publish, distribute and transfer the data
    (b) adapt the data
    (c) use the data; commercially and non-commercially
    (d) merge or include the data in your product or application

  2. with the conditions
    (a) to include the source of data in your product or application based on the statements determined by the Owner of Data’s data intellectual property (grammar?)
    (b) to include a link to this Terms & Conditions
    (c) that if the Owner of Data does not include any statements regarding their data intellectual property (grammar again), then you must agree that:

  • the data and information is under the Terms of Use of Open Malaysian Government Data License 1.0;
  • the terms and conditions under the Open Malaysian Government Data License is important. Failure to comply means your rights will be forfeited automatically under the Terms of Usage.

Looks good, I guess we could put them into OSM. Include the source: tag - no problem. But an explicit link of the Terms and Conditions… how is that?


Open josm, ALT-D…

Syabas malaysia.

p/s put link in source or somewhere. Not hard link, just http address. That should do it.

Apparently, just NOT yet. We cannot use data from the portal. Unless we could write and request something special from MAMPU: this is what have been discussed in the legal-talk mailing list.

In short: it requires third-party apps e.g. Osmand[+/~] to mention the government in the contributor’s list. Something like that. Which is not likely.

But, but… any ideas? Who knows… the right way to ask for stuff may yield something better especially for OSM.

From almost 2020, I think you should give it a try to write a letter to MAMPU, sekarang nie zaman Malaysia Baharu + Wawasan 2020 after 2 weeks. Sorry but my email writing skill is very poor and may not describe OSM as clear as possible. IMHO, since a large government geoportal are using OSM as one of their data layar, they might be happy if someone or a community to imrove the map so that information that they want to present be more clearer. Nonentheless, thanks for your reply.