Posting wine serving points

Hey there,
I’ve looked through the list for a feature for wine serving points but couldn’t find anything close.

The only features which could be combined with, are:
• Craft - winery
• landuse - vineyard
• leisure - outdoor_seating
• shop - wine = Weinhandlung (nicht mehr nutzen), siehe dafür shop=alcohol mit drink:wine=retail
shop - alcohol = Spirituosenladen, verkauft alkoholische Getränke zum Mitnehmen
• amenity - biergarten

Does someone has a recommondation how I could post a wine serving point?

Would be pleased, if someone could help me.

Answer can be written in german, if you want to. :slight_smile:

Many thanks!


Is wine the only drink served in such a place?
Is it typical for your country (which seems to be Germany)?
If typical German, did you post your question on the German forum?
Did you read:

Maybe this helps:

If you mean something like a wine bar, or a ‘straußwirtschaft’, try searching for them in OSM and see how they are tagged. Spoiler: it varies.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: