Posting renderer-specific links

Dear all,
I am a newcomer here - I have been adding some data to the already fairly elaborate map of my city: Odense, Denmark.
Now, I have added a school. This is visible using Osmarender, but not using Mapnik. Is it possible to post a geographic link, which will show specifically in Osmarender? Or will I have to export it to a graphics file and link to that instead?

No problem, search your place in map view window with Osmarender layer selected and right click the Permalink on the lower right corner.

/me feels stupid. Didn’t see the minimal difference in the permalinks in the various renderings.

Warning… It’s confusing (well) for the computer as well, so it’s not 100% sure if this will be a permalink to that map layer in the future, but it’s going to work for awhile atleast.

That has to do with the name that OpenLayers gives to each layer which can differ for the same layer when more layers are added or removed.