Postgres database : are there any latin translations available?


i have an osm database in postgres SQL (downloaded from, and i’m looking for city names.
i used the following SQL query :

FROM planet_osm_polygon
WHERE place = 'city' OR place='village'

This works fine however, in some countries, the name is not in latin alphabet. If there is an english name somewhere in the database, would you know where it would be stored (which table/column).

Thank you very much, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Names in other languages are stored under their language_code:

I have solved my problem thanks to RicoElectrico.
Indeed the database content depends on the osm2pgsql configuration, i added the “name:en” column in the file “”, now i have the column in the sql database.

Thank you for your answer, but what i’d like to find out is where it is stored in the SQL database, in which table and which column.

Why are towns excluded?

I’m not very familiar with the osm data, i didn’t know about towns.