posten van images hier op forum

Ikzelf gebruik een ‘gehuurde eigen webruimte met owncloud’ , en vroeg mij af hoe men images hier ‘in full’ kan posten(zien er wel goed uit … bij mij moet men, wil men de ‘image in full’ bekijken, eerst downloaden, omdat dit op sites waar men op post, meer ruimte bespaard denk ik.
Maar waarom ik hier op dit forum enkel maar een link, en geen ‘directe image’ kan posten, snap ik nog niet(ben geen ‘software savy’ :stuck_out_tongue: ) .
Heb eens opgezocht op“As it is with most free services, you are the product!”
Voor velen is dit geen bezwaar moet ik wel toevoegen… :wink:

translating from above ;
I myself use a ‘rented own website with owncloud’, and wondered how to post pictures here ‘in full’ (looking good) … if you want to see my images in full here, you have to download them first, because (i think), on sites, it saves more space.
But why I can post only a link on this forum, and not a ‘direct image’, I do not understand (not a software savy :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Have looked up at → “As it is with most free services, you are the product!”
For many, this is not an objection I should add … :wink:

Sorry for not answering so long.

I always prefer that things that are discussed in public have the data included, otherwise bit rot takes away links over time and make it hard to analyze older topics. However it’s perfectly possible to include external pictures in the forum posts, like here:

volgens mij luidt de vraag anders dan bij het enige antwoord.

I’m in the situation: I am posting to the forum, and I wish to complete it with images. in my case, I need to take a screenshot and I wish to attach it to my forum post, it’s not much different from what you would do on an IRC channel where you wish to post a longer snippet of text, you would copy-paste it to a web service. but most such services, all that I know at least, will hold your data for a limited time.

I’ll keep looking and will come back here with an answer, if nobody picks it up in the meanwhile. ( says “Server Not Found” here). says “you will never have to worry about your images being removed due to inactivity”