Post Office agencies

What do we call Post Office agencies that are located inside another shop e.g. a newsagency? Wiki says Tag:post_office=post_partner - OpenStreetMap Wiki, but, so far, there’s only 1 of them mapped in Oz?

From Discord: Those are CPAs - community postal agents. When I tagged my local one I just made sure it had the full name from the auspost website, otherwise it’s tagged how I’ve seen regular post offices tagged. Node: ‪Orange West CPA‬ (‪9743602469‬) | OpenStreetMap. I’ll update the Oz Guidelines to include Post Office details

I was wondering about a similar thing recently, with tagging a TNT courier agent in a newsagency. I wondered if it was better as a separate POI.

That’s a separately tricky one!, which would probably have to be office=courier? Although the =post_partner tag above does have details on it which could match?

Yes, it looks like there are examples for that such as post_office:brand=DHL-Paketshop;Hermes PaketShop that sound pretty close. I guess there’s no difference really between say Australia Post and TNT, as far as the service goes (or searching for the service on a map anyway).

No, both are as bad (or should that be good?) as the other, at losing things! :cry:

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