Possible to recover a deleted way?

In an area where I did a lot of mapping recently, I’ve just noticed that a section of a major highway is now missing (the N164 on the link above). I’m sure the deletion was accidental, whoever did it, but I honestly have no idea at the moment whether I’m responsible or not!

Couple of questions then:
is it possible to find who deleted that particular way?
is it possible to roll back the deletion and recover the way as it was before?

And in each case, “How?

I know how to find the history of an existing way using Potlatch, but not one that’s been deleted. Either instructions or a link to instructions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

[Closer inspection reveals that (a) the way appears to have been transformed into a series of unconnected, tagless nodes, and (b) there are a whole group of tightly packed GPS traces for that bit of road, so it won’t be at all difficult to re-trace the road to repair the damage on this occasion. However, I would still like to learn about deleted items, so please do post answers to the above questions if you can. Thanks.

I suppose a third question springs to mind — can you suggest how or why a way might have been transformed into a series of nodes like that?]

Try “U” for undelete in Potlatch. This will show all deleted ways in the area in red. Don’t know if the history for deleted way is available before you have unlocked (undeleted) the way.

Ah, nice one, that’s exactly what I needed. Thank you.

Turns out it was me who deleted it too. No idea how I managed that, but now I know how to get stuff back if it happens again.