possible to filter for certain tags - eg. viewpoint


is it possible to set in openstreetmap a certain filter-criteria - eg. viewpoint

Backgroung: I’m planning a journey and like to see where are nice viewpoints, etc.

Thx in advance,


This is typically something voor OverPass / OverPass Turbo.

Try this http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/3ya , press the Run button after you moved the map to the area in which you are interested

or see http://www.flosm.de/en/POI-map.html … POI map (needs flash plugin inside browser)

Thx for the replies!

The http://overpass-turbo.eu/ was excatly what I’m looking for! Especially the export of the selection. The HMI is not for everyone but it works!

http://www.flosm.de/en/POI-map.html is missing the gpx-Download. The HMI is nicer than Overpass-Turbo

Again, thanks!