Possibility to make 'Notes'-link continuous visible on main map ?

Possibility to make ‘Notes’-link CONTINUOUS VISIBLE on main map , so that people, who do not want to map, and/or see OSM-link for the first time, can make a note for what is missing/wrong/should be done, at a particular place ?

Huh? There’s a button on the right of the map.

ah, i see it, … sorry , i had not noticed … my mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Once an ‘issue’ is ‘solved’, what is best option (and who is allowed) to delete that marker ? for example, here says someone, ‘it is ok now’, but the marker is still there → https://www.openstreetmap.org/note/869677#map=18/51.18639/4.93654&layers=N


If you know that the issue is solved, you can hit the button to mark the note as resolved. Anyone’s allowed to do that.

Marking it as resolved will cause the note to change in appearance, and it will disappear from the map after a while.

I would really like the notes more front and centre for editors. If a basic user waits 3 months plus to see a fix to a basic issue, they are not going to bother to comment again. We need those commenters to update the map regularly and move to main stream editors.