Possibility to have a tag or key ; Nature_area ?

I ask this, because a Tag:leisure=nature_reserve is contradicting itself →

, but a leisure = for places people go in their spare time …and several protected areas of nature reserves are not even accessible …
A nature area is all encompassing , protected AND not protected (parks/reserves/…), and those natuurgebieden(translated in English ; natuur=nature and gebied=area) usually have names … I also was in discussion with Jeisenbe about this and on the Belgian forum

Do we have to go over this every few days?

The leisure key groups together various different tags for the sake of convenience. There’s no point in looking for any further meaning beyond that. The specific tag leisure=nature_reserve has its own defined meaning, so there’s no issue.

Honestly, if you want to change the meaning of every tag in OSM to fit a dictionary, it might be best if you just started your own map database so you can use whatever definitions you want.

Sigh. At the risk of repeating the same argument yet again, here goes…

Some OSM tags, like “leisure=nature_reserve” are well established and well understood. You need to deal with it and move on - get on with mapping stuff instead of complaining that a tag in OSM isn’t a 100% match for the English word from which it is derived (something that is true for lots of OSM tags - “natural”, “man_made”, “landuse”, etc. etc.).

Perhaps it would help if you thought of OSM’s tags and values as a separate language altogether and not as a variation of English at all? That way you could just use the tag that everyone else uses and wouldn’t see a problem.

For what it’s worth in this particular case I don’t believe that leisure=nature_reserve is in any way a contradiction. I mapped one last week - at no point did I feel annoyed because there were signs preventing human access to meadows used by nesting birds (but a number of hides provided for people to observe them). “leisure” does not mean “I’m allowed to trample anywhere”, even in “English” rather than “OSM”.

yeah …sure … and if one keep repeating (over and over again) ‘misnomers’, like for example that something artificial(man made) is natural(as found in nature and not involving anything made or done by people) , then, after a while, people start to believe also that a ‘plastic flower’ is also a real plant … :stuck_out_tongue:

with administrator hat on:

henke54, please stop starting this type of useless threads to change tags because they do not match your/Wikidata/any encyclopedia interpretation of the English words.

I will remove those posts if anyone asks for it. I consider them as troll posts, but do not want to do it without feedback from the other mappers.