Possibility to easily show the paths of selected roads on a city map?

Hello, I’m new.

I’m currently trying to get a taxi license in my city Oslo, Norway. To accomplish this, there are quite a number of streets I have to learn and what path they take through the city. I’ve been marking nodes at the start and end of each road in Google Mapengine, but this is tedious work. Google can’t show the path of each road either :frowning: Is there an easy way I can somehow make my own map of Oslo, marking the paths of all the streets I have to learn? Ideally I could right-click and show path for each of the streets on a large city map. If this is difficult, I guess I will keep mapping in google mapsengine, since I’m done with half the city anyway. I’m discovering OSM is way more accurate than googlemaps here in Oslo so I’m using it on the side. Thanks for all answers.

See the websites listed here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Track_drawing_websites
They let you draw tracks onto top of an OSM based map, so you could mark particular roads. Some of them support routing, which means lines you draw will automatically follow the roads.