POSM network issue (no SMB)

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New to this forum, my name is Jelmer and I’m from the Netherlands. During my work for a big NGO, I encountered QGIS and I’ve been enthusiastic about mapping and cartography ever since. I hope my question is relevant to this forum.

Currently, I’m trying to set up a POSM, but I’m having some connectivity issues. The POSM is not listed in my private network, and when trying to connect to the public folder through explorer, the error message states that posm is not accepting connections on the SMB port. I’ve edited config.josm as per the manual, unfortunately, that did not resolve in access to additional network settings.

Does anybody have an idea on how to go about changing smb settings on a POSM?

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The most recent releases of POSM broke SMB connectivity without us noticing. It’s fixed in https://github.com/posm/posm-build/commit/6867a06bac4cddf38ff98e1f6b7a4cb8b6ef7fda (which you can apply directly to /etc/systemd/system/posm-hotspot.service), but hasn’t been included in a release yet.

For SMB more generally, you’ll want to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf (and make sure that the wireless interface is listed in https://github.com/posm/posm-build/blob/master/kickstart/etc/smb.conf#L6))

I hope this helps!!


Thanks Seth!

Jelmer, if you have other questions you can…