Portland, Oregon Meeting

Anyone from the Portland Metro area interested in doing a local meeting to discuss OSM in general and mapping about area?


I’m not in the Portland area, but if you weren’t at the last meeting - there was a meet and greet at the TriMet Center Street Administration Building on 13 May. See the page at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/RLIS , in particular the presentations from that Meet & Greet. If I see other announcements, I’ll try to be sure they’re posted here also.

Thank you for the information, much appreciated.



Attention PDX area swill drinking OSMers:

Saturday February 4th 2012 3pm-6pm at Oak Hills Brewpub



I’ll try and show up to this if anyone else plans on going, I’m over in North PDX just south of St. John’s. Great to see a local presence here on the forum.