Port Klang area elevated highway

Anybody familiar with Port Klang area? Mahau maybe? does samden even read this forum?

Seems to me that the elevated Northport highway has been mistakenly merged with the bottom road way. There are other major road works recently completed over there with overpass everywhere that needs to be traced. Bing imagery has lots of cloud cover, while Mapbox provides newer imagery at lower resolutions. Almost too low to trace.

volunteers needed! :slight_smile:

p/s roads surface very bad due to heavyweight trucks. be careful.

Do you think this area? There is something wrong mapped.

This photo was taken on 15th of June this year. No connection to the port is posted at this time.

probably thatโ€™s the starting point of the highway. It will go through/over Port Klang, with the old road underneath it. The elevated hiway and the old road will combine together just north of town, somewhere close to the first rail track where Jalan Parang and Jalan Kem meets on the OSM map.

Best to do that mapillary thing, taking pictures automatically along the way to get a somewhat accurate layout of the area. Bing/Mapbox aerial imagery is hopeless currently.