Population tag for nodes in France cities/towns/villages


I have recently noticed that quite an amount of the population tags in the cities/towns/villages nodes have been removed in bulk on different change sets. Is there any particular reason for this, since that tag is widely used when getting our dataset and can’t see any reason for removing data from OSM.

An example of such changeset is this one https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/79698989 or https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/79636755, even though there are quite a number of such changesets.

A fellow user on the Help forum suggested that this may be related to the post below:


If this was done wrongfully, is there a way to revert the changes for the node to have the population tag back?

Thanks in advance


I think it was the decision of the French OSM community. I know this user in this community. He is an expert of OSM.
So, I think that this changes are not wrong.
INSEE, the French statistics agency, publish their updating on the first days of January or last days of the year.

To know more or if you think that there are errors, ask on OSM-talk-fr mailing list even in English language.


I confirm: we are removing all population information on nodes. The population data refers to the boundary of the commune, not to the node of the commune.
Use the corresponding commune (admin_level=8) to get the current data (2017, published in 2020).