Ponds in a Park

How do I add ponds to a park? i.e the park surrounds the pond(s).

If I just overlay they seem to disappear.
If I create as two or more ‘parks’ surrounding a pond then I get nasty black boundaries.
If I try and combine two parks after creating them they I get nasty ‘holes’ due to the ‘windings’ of adjacent ways (reversing the way’s winding to fix one side of a park results in the other side having the wrong winding).

I must be missing something.


(Using a Mio P550 with Mio Map (road) and Beeline GPS software for pedestrian tracking. If you are using a Mio P350/550 I thoroughly recommend the Beeline software for NMEA logging. Its cheap, and has all the functions I can ever envisage using, and best of all it isn’t a battery glutton.)

add layer=1 to the pond. The default layer is 0, and values can go from -5 to 5.