Pond with an island and Pavilion, how to mark?

So there’s a local pond that has footpath to an island with Pavilion on it. What’s the correct way to make and mark this up?

Draw the island, and tag it.

Draw the periphery of the pond, but do not tag it.

Create a multipolygon relation, with the pond as outer, and the island as inner.

Tag it a the water feature.

Plot and tag the pavilion as a building.

Plot the footpath from where it starts (presumably another foot path) to where it ends (the pavilion?), joining it to the pond banks on the way. Tag it as a footpath.

Split the path on the nodes where it joins the banks.

Add bridge=yes and layer=1 tags to the section over the water. The last two, and the joining with the banks, assumes that it is level with the banks.

Apologies, but things it’s already drawn (by someone else) I’m looking at the land mass it and it’s just an untagged line segment (see screenshot). Should I tag that as a land mass?

Hi, yes that’s correct, the tags are in the multipolygon relation not on the features.

Clarifying a little…

If the island has no tags, then (correctly) it is nothing more than a “hole” in the outer object (the lake), a piece missing from the lake, meaning simply: land. It would render as white.

Optionally the inner object CAN have tags of its own. If the island is entirely forest or grass, for example, you could tag it as such.