[Polygon Creation] Execute a .py files in the Browser

Hello ! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make a Choropleth map with a city scale and I have found a great tool (made by jocelynj) which extract an OSM relation and convert it into GeoJson.

This tool is available online (Here) and on Github(Here)

I have to make more than 8000 requests with this tools but I don’t want to overuse jocelynj’s server.
As the project is available on Github, I’m trying to host it in on my computer in order to work without stress !

My problem is:

As you can see on Github, this tools was made in Python but I have never learnt Python.
As I’m a beginner, I can’t manage to “install” this tools on my computer and display it on the Browser.
When I use index.py, it just display the source code in the browser, but not execute it.

How do I have to do ?

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:

You are looking for how to run a (local) webserver and/or a Python-Interpreter :wink:

Hmm, you can try with this How to Setup a Proper Python Environment on Windows. I’m not sure how would ‘osm-polygons-generation’ work with ‘Requests’(library suggested in article above).