Polling stations

There is a large number of schools added in Kashmir, e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2791929174/ , with polling station tags. They are tagged as schools but named as polling stations which is misleading, since they are presumably permanent schools and only occasionally polling stations. Hence they should be renamed, or have the name deleted. Does anyone know if there is value in keeping the other tags, e.g. assembly ref and booth ref, or should this be removed?

I’ve asked the person responsible about the source of the data but had no response.

Discussion on the wiki about this topic

Which remains an unadopted feature.

I would delete the polling station text in the name-tag.
Then maybe
If the year is unknown then polling_station=yes.

In German mappers create boundary-relations as you see here:

I’ve removed the polling station data completely, and just left them tagged as schools. No other information.

Some of the information seems to have been faulty, some of the schools were at unlikely distances into the countryside. I’ve removed some, but there probably are others that are wrong, and there is a possibility that it is all incorrect. It was possibly an unchecked mass import from a government source, and we don’t know how accurate the data collection was.

The German example is interesting but of course it needs much more detailed mapping and current editor activity than there is in this region. And by the time there is this kind of activity, both the electoral districts and polling stations may have changed.