Polish language check

A quick question. I’m a mapper from Ukraine, and I’m currently micro-mapping a Polish war cemetery near Kyiv. Polish uses extended latin and different capitalization rules, so I’m not sure if I got the inscription right. I’ve run a quick grammar check on it, but asking a native speaker is always better. Could you please take a look?

Pamięci obywateli Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej ofiar zbrodni Katyńskiej
aresztowanych po 17 września 1939 roku przez Sowieckie NKWD
i zamordowanych na mocy decyzji najwyższych władz ZSRR z dnia 5 marca 1940 roku

From here:
(the pic is in Wikimedia Commons under Public Domain, so it’s fair game)

PS. I mostly understand Polish but can’t speak it.
PPS. Out of curiosity - I recognize a Polish coat-of-arms eagle on the right pillar. What’s the sign on the left?

Katyńskiej and Sowieckie should be lower case (toponymic adjectives) - with exception of Rzeczypospolitej *Polskiej *because it’s a country name and it should be capitalized, otherwise it’s fine. :wink:

I think this is military eagle:


BTW: your [Пример 2] and [Пример 3] links to 404… :slight_smile:

Thanks. If you’re curious, it should be somewhere around here (stele near the entrance) as soon as Mapnik decides to render it.

Looks like it, yep. That’s what I like about mapping, there’s always something new to learn.

Yeah, still can’t get my hands straight to fix them.
Edit: you’ve pushed me to fix something I was too lazy to for the last year. Gratz.