Pokéstops and Gyms


The Wiki article at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tips_for_new_(Pokemon_Go)_mappers is great but it doesn’t answer an important question.

How can I map Pokemon Go gyms and Pokéstops inside OSM ?

Is there a specific key to add to existing buildings ?


Nope. Don’t use OSM for this - we’re not here to catalogue every single third-party identifier in the world, let alone proprietary ones with no evidence on the ground.

You can create your own map using a site such as umap.openstreetmap.fr; or build your own tool using leaflet.js or similar; or create a database that references OSM objects via wikidata identifiers.

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I believe these places are generally not identifiable as such on the ground, without using the app. Is that correct? In that case, the answer is unfortuntately going to be: We cannot legally map those in OSM, as it would amount to (directly or indirectly) copying the official databse, which is property of Niantic. :frowning:

The pokestops themselves are not.
However, the pokestops always represent some form of POI: a statue, a chapel, a mural, artsy grafiti, historic buildings, …

While you cannot add the stops, the POI’s that match are surveyable in the field and can (based on a survey) be added to OSM as whatever POI they are.

That said: there is little to no actualisation of the database: there’s quite a few ‘pokestops’ that represent items that have either moved or disappeared, that don’t get removed from the game if nobody reports them.