POIs added and uploaded, but not visible

I’ve just started adding and editing a few POIs with osmand while on my holidays in New Zealand. However, none of the new POIs show up on any map - they aren’t visible in osmand itself (except of course as a list entry in the offline edits until I upload them), and not on the mapnik tiles, either in the osm.org web view or the osmand mapnik overlay. However, they are visible as changes on my user pags at https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/canavan/history

Is there anything wrong with my edits (aside from the typos and unnecessary tags) that prevents them from showing up even after one week? If so, how can I verify that my edits are correct in the future before uploading them?

Can edits be amended/altered before they are committed, or does the upload imply that the change will go into the osm map releases as is? I’d like to just add a minimal POI while at the location, then add additional information, such as opening times, phone number etc. later, e.g after I’ve got the receipt with just that info.

I just checked a few of them and they looked fine to be, though I did notice…

that this one was placed in the ocean, probably due to a hasty sat fix http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/-36.78277/175.01838

and that the Adventure Lodge & Motel had the tag tourism=Motel, and when I changed the tag to lowercase tourism=motel the icon appeared ok, so case must matter when using the tags.

You may need to refresh your browser to get it to reload the latest page instead of using a saved page that is out of date

I don’t use osmand so can’t comment, but you can update and correct any of the data you have uploaded later using one of the main editors - id, Potlatch 2, Josm or Merkaartor, so entering an initial minimally tagged data and updating later is fine.

The restaurant in the ocean was probably fat-fingered by me, I took the coordinates from the EXIF data of a picture and the location looked OK, but I must have broken it somewhere in the process.

I may have overlooked other POIs, because they are not visible at all zoom levels. Now that I know that they are there, I’ve moved those two that were obviously wrong to their proper position and corrected the typo with vespucci, which wasn’t as intuitive as I had assumed.

You may be correct about caching - internet connectivity out there was pretty bad, so I never have even considered flushing the cashes.

There are apps/software which will read the EXIF data and show them on a map. I use Geosetter under Windows, and its very handy to sense check EXIF co-ordinates before using them in earnest to add stuff to the map.

In Osmand, you can’t change a node once you saved it. A workflow could be to upload to OSM, then check your changesets afterwards. For example: http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/28517925
You can get a list of your changesets here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/canavan/history
If you have access to a computer, you can edit online with iD, Potlach or JOSM.

If you’re not entirely sure of tagging or location, or you want to add some information to a road or a building, you could make a note. Osmand refers to those as bugs. They show up for everyone, so you might not even have to fix things yourself.

That’s pretty much what I’m doing now. There’s an editor called Vespucci for android, and it gets the job done, although the way it works wasn’t intuitive to me at all.

Using my new Taglocator tool, the hotels/motels are visible:


Click on the POIs to get more info.

looks like a useful tool, but it’s somewhat weird to use with Firefox for android - I can’t click anything on the map(at least nothing happens), I can’t use the nominatim search (turns gray, but no keyboard opens), and scrolling/zooming is weird, since both the map and the whole viewport can be scrolled anf zoomef independently.

I’m sorry to hear that. The app relies on various third-party open-source javascript libraries, and some are not yet updated to work with all mobile devices.
I’m have the same problem with the searchbox on my iPad, although all the other functionality is working.
The code for that searchbox comes from this developer:


Can you try it on your device? (it’s not working on my iPad either).

Thanks for helping.
Enjoy your holiday!

I’ll have to correct myself - the search box does work, although it’s difficult to touch exactly the right places and it’s a bit erratic and unpredictable. The result box isn’t properly scrollable (that would be the 3rd nested scrollable thing) and just as picky and unpredictable with input events. It behaves identically on your page and on netzwolf.

What device exactly are you using? Is it possible to change to a different browser?
Did you check this page:

I’m using a CAT S50 running android 4.4. I’ve used the wiki link to pock osmand and Vespucci.

In version 0.9++ the problems with the searchbox are solved.
Can you test once more?

Much better. While the result list cannot be scrolled or the keep open box be checked, at least I can reliably enter search terms and pick any of the visible results.

You now can! (version 0.9+++)

Also read the wiki: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Taglocator
to learn all the special options and possibilities!
The User Pois open up a world of specific and very useful queries.

Both scolling and “keep open” indeed do work. Thanks!