Points on Roads

I believe that some nodes should not be part of a road.

An example is an amenity=fuel node.
I don’t believe it should be a node on a highway=service way.
Another example is tourism=viewpoint
You get the idea…

However, a barrier=* node must be on a node that is part of the way.

Recently we began an effort to add areas (Mr_Israel was one of the few who added areas, mainly landuse=farm, for a very long time)
And now we add forests, residential areas, even with the distinction of farmland and industrial zone.

I believe that these areas should not have intersection (common nodes) with ways.

e.g. a forest should not have common nodes with tracks on its boundaries.
A residential area )of village, town, city) should not have common nodes with roads,
and even parks (and gardens and playgrounds) should not have common nodes with surrounding roads.

If you think about how things are in real life, then there is some space between the place where the cars go, and a garden.
I guess it’s related to the fact that the standard is that pavements are not mapped in OSM, but are implied.

An exception is where a road is the boundary, but these cases are few.
One good case is Ben Gurion where it is the boundary between Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak.



Sounds most reasonable.


Agreed indeed.