Point vs Area


I’m a newbie in OSM, I just wanna ask if it is correct to place a point over an area(building) if both gonna have the same tags? if not, should i choose the area and delete the point(after merging tags)?

One typically places a node with information of a POI (e.g. a shop) over a building when the POI does not fill the complete building, e.g. only the ground floor. The area and the point will get different tags. (e.g. address and building name on area, name of POI, type of shop, opening hours on node).

Since we represent each real world feature only once, it is not possible to have the same tags on the node and building.

Can you give an example of what you are trying to map ?

The features are actually already existing (I did not add/edit it), I just saw it by chance and made me curious if the representations are correct.

The images are of a church, one with the Point over the Area, the other is the Area itself.

That is not correct, the data now has 2 churches. So anyone counting churches in that town will have one too much.
In this case I would put all tags on the building and remove the node.

O, and I would change building=yes to building=church and add the denomination (most likely roman_catholic in your case)

Yes, I’ll do that then. Thank You.