POI Naming on Garmin


I’ve been playing with OSM since the Christmas break and the whole concept makes me grin. I have a query about POIs as they appear on the Garmin maps:

In particular, I’m seeing lots (and lots and lots) of “Unknown Ground Transport” and “Unknown Post Office” - relating to bus stops and post boxes respectively. Where are the rules for these encoded? Are they something to which we can contribute - a set of approved rendering rules - or is this one user’s take on them? Or are there predefined Garmin data classes into which they fit?

The post boxes are particularly wrong, because a post office is manned, and provides various local services, where a post box is just a hole in the wall.

(I’m using ComputerTeddy’s weekly tiles mashed with SMC topo tiles, FYI - I haven’t tried making my own tiles yet)

Well, if some of the post_boxes are tagged wrongly then you can correct them ofcourse.

Mkgmap uses stylesheets (like lookup tables) for converting OSM items into Garmin items. Unfortunately Mkgmap development is hosted on a private server and not the OSM SVN repository, but you can always send suggestions or patches tot he author. You can find the necessary links on the Mkgmap page in the wiki.

I checked the tagging (good call to point it out, though). Time to dive a little deeper and poke around with mkgmap, I guess. At least it’s not a hardwired Garmin thing. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to wrap this, the weird naming turned out just to be the default style. Adding a second point definition for post boxes, some default text (so that a postbox without a name isn’t an “Unnamed foo bar” but instead a “Post box”) sorts it nicely.

It looks as if the original Garmin item, “post”, wasn’t expecting the micro-mapping that OSMers can get up to! :slight_smile:

Can you post the patch here, or even better, send it to the Mkgmap-dev mailinglist?