POI Markers - ist there a Limit? How to add aprox. 3000 markers?

hello folks,

I am quite new and not very familiar with osm and html or js programming

I managed to create a map with easymap
and added two markers

after that I thought I understood the system and added more markers into the sourcecode of the map.html file.
(it is much easier to to this automatically)

here is a part of my sourcecode

layer_markers = new OpenLayers.Layer.Markers(“Marker”, { projection: new OpenLayers.Projection(“EPSG:4326”),visibility: true, displayInLayerSwitcher: true });





This works very fine up to 700 or 800 markers.

but actually I have about 3000 markers wich is not too much if they are spread all over europe.

When I put them all together into one map-file I get a script error when opening the map.

Probably there is a Limit for markers or it is something like a stackoverflow.

If I separate them to several maps, everything works fine so the syntax of each line seems to be o.k.

Does anyone have an Idea how to get so many markers into one map?
Is it possible to create several marker_layers? If yes please show me how. I tried without success.

Thanks cremofix

Don’t know about this service, but I’m a happy umap user, and that doesn’t seem to have a problem with large amount of data

For all who are not aware: see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap in the OSM wiki.

thanks for the quick reply,

umap looks nice but if I understand it correctly, all marker data used with umap is stored on umaps servers.
The advantage of the easymap tool is, that all informations are stored locally and the browser loads the map layers in runtime.
Does anyone have an idea of a good map tool with unlimited marker capabilities that can be used local?

You could install umap on your own server https://github.com/yohanboniface/uMap