POI- Man made Ponds

How best do i tag Ponds when i want to upload them as POI??
I checked OSM Wiki and i didn’t find something specific for man made ponds, and what i saw didn’t work for me because i was getting warming (errors) and i couldn’t go on to avoid bad data quality.


Did you read Tag:water=pond - OpenStreetMap Wiki?
If it’s really small you can just put a node where the pond is. Otherwise draw the outline and tag it according to the article.
Is there something special about this pond?


which kind of warnings? In which editor/software/program?

Have you added them as nodes or as areas?


I used JOSM in verifying them.
I tried to add water= reservoir ( couldn’t suit).
So i stop and started reading OSM wiki again.

How do i create Nodes area? Any open source video available?.

Not really. Just water available and they were used sometimes back.